Make your conscience happy
Make your conscience happy
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Local is cheaper than the leading online retailer 67% of the time.
Local is cheaper than the leading online retailer 67% of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is One Red Maple?

One Red Maple is the retail Robin Hood. Our browser extension and mobile app help you find and purchase virtually any product from locally owned stores nearby. Our browser extension's unique "intercept" technology lets you shop on any Big Retail or brand website and find the exact match, or useful alternative, right in your local market.

What do you mean by 'shop local' and why should I shop locally?

At One Red Maple, we believe in strong, sustainable, and vibrant local economies. One Red Maple's database features virtually all inventory in your locally owned stores. Those stores could be independently owned or franchises. When you shop locally owned, up to 63% of all dollars you spend there are reinvested into your local economy compared to just 14% when shopping Big Retail (according to a 2019 study conducted by Civic Economics and Loco BC).

What products can I find using One Red Maple?

Currently you can use One Red Maple to find all kinds of products, including apparel, appliances, automotive, batteries, books, cleaning, cosmetics, crafts, electronics, footwear, games, gardening, home decor and supplies, jewelry, music, pet supplies, tools, toys, and sporting goods to name a few categories.

Who fulfils my order when I use One Red Maple?

One Red Maple helps shoppers discover retailers and products in their market. When clicking on a product found using the One Red Maple search, shoppers are redirected to the locally owned store's website providing local owners the opportunity to fulfill the purchase directly.

What if I want to return a purchase?

One Red Maple facilitates the discovery of products and retailers in your market. Once a purchase is made directly from a locally owned store, you can address any of your purchase concerns in real time with the store owner or manager.

What if I notice that you're missing a locally owned store in my neighbourhood?

We're always looking to grow our ability to support locally owned stores! If you know of a business we missed, you can complete this form.

Do I have to pay to use One Red Maple?

One Red Maple is a free service to consumers. We generate revenue by creating partnerships with locally owned stores and providing owners with a growing suite of tools that help increase their discoverability and relationships to consumers.

Is One Red Maple in my town yet?

One Red Maple is currently available in North Bay, Sudbury and Kingston Ontario.   As we grow, we will enter new markets.

Where can I download One Red Maple?

You can download One Red Maple's app in the Apple iOS and Google Play app stores, as well as the extensions in the Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera extension stores.

I'm a retailer, how do I get more information about how One Red Maple can increase my sales?

Creating strong, vibrant, and sustainable local economies is our major goal. We want to work with you! Please explore our retailer information here.